Reading for pleasure      

At Crowlees we instil a passion for reading into our children from the onset. All classes take part in daily Quiet Reading sessions, enjoy regular story time sessions and visit our well-stocked library each week. As well as this, children love taking part in our regular reading events and competitions, and enjoy celebrating books and authors throughout the year, including World Book Day.


How we Teach Reading

Reading is given high priority at Crowlees and is threaded throughout our curriculum.

However it is taught as a discreet (whole class guided reading session) every week. Here opportunities for word reading/comprehension are made use of.

As well as this, children read one to one with an adult every week; these sessions are bespoke to the child and focus on their current reading target (set from the National Curriculum).


Early Reading 

From Reception to Year 2 we have daily phonics sessions that follow the ‘that follow the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised’ phonics scheme (click here for the overview). This teaches children the sounds and tricky words needed to support them with their early reading and writing. These children take home one book a week which is linked to their phonics teaching/ability and another book from our core reading scheme, which they are encouraged to share with an adult.


Our Reading Scheme  

Our core reading scheme is The Oxford Reading Tree.

Crowlees Poetry Spine – Click here

Crowlees Reading Spine- Click here


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Recommended Reading Lists

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