Extra Curricular Activities

At Crowlees, we aim to offer children as many opportunities as possible for extra-curricular sport and physical activity throughout the year. Our clubs are run by teachers, who volunteer their time, and through our links with the Pennine Sports Partnership. Children will be invited to attend clubs at the end of a half term ready for the following term.

“My child loves assemblies. He also loves the healthy food. He likes the after school clubs like choir and orchestra. As a parent we like the good quality and dedication of the teaching staff. Overall an excellent school!”


The list below shows which clubs are taking place this half term and who is eligible to attend.

After-school club timetable Autumn 2 – a downloadable copy is available here Club Timetable for Autumn 2 2019


“We think it’s great how much effort is put into settling the children in reception. Orbit is a fabulous idea; it’s lovely to see what they do each day. The range of afterschool clubs is very good for the older children. It’s great that all the children get to learn an instrument in year 4.”

“We are very impressed with the recent developments at Crowlees – in particular the Orbit site for information about Reception children, the new playground facilities and the community atmosphere. Our children are very happy at this school.”