Year 5

Summer Term Home Learning

Week 1 and 2 Year 5 Home Learning

Resources for week 1 and 2 are below  

English work 2 weeks

Planets colouring sheet

Planet Fact Cards

Planet Facts – Q and A Cards and Arrows

Planet Facts Powerpoint


WEEK 3 Summer Term week 3 Home learning

The Lighthouse KS2 Activity Pack – KS2 Activity Pack

Using See Saw on a Laptop or Computer

Using See Saw on a Tablet or Phone

YEAR 5 VE Day Topic Work

Year5 Summe Week3 Arithmetic Test

Whiterose Worksheets


WEEK 4 –Summer Term week 4 Home learning

Year 5 Arithmetic Test Week 4

Yellows Week4 Arithmetic test

The Catch KS2 Activity Pack – KS2 Activity Pack

Sun Moon and Earth powerpoint

Earth Sun and Moon Label with facts researched

Earth Sun and Moon Fact Diagram



WEEK 5  Summer Term week 5 Home learning and Half Term

Year 5 Arithmetic Test Week 5

Yellows Arithmetic Test Week 5

Moon Guided Reading activity

Phases of the Moon Powerpoint

Oreo Moon Phases

Music Activity Year 5

Pennine Sports Dance Challenge

Lego Challenge Halfterm



WEEK 1   Home Learning Tasks

Year 5 Arithmetic test Summe r2 Week 1

Yellows Arithmetic Week 1

Schools of the Future

History Hackers – Victorian Venture

History Hackers Victorian Venture Guided Reading Questions

Adverbs of possibility

Science DIY Bottle rocket instructions