Year 1

Summer Term Home Learning

WEEK 1  Year 1 home learning

Music and PSHE


WEEK 2 Year 1 Home Learning

Time Capsule Ideas

Spellings wordsearch

Spellings – Week 1 (k before e i and y)


WEEK 3 Year 1 week 3 home learning tasks


Division word problem challenge cards

Maths activity mat 1

Maths sharing sheet

Spelling presentation ue and ew

Spellings wordsearch ue and ew

VE day activities and information

Year 1 music task 2

year 1 week 2 spellings ue and ew


WEEK 4   Year 1 week 4 home learning tasks

All about Nellie Spindler

Comparing Nightingale and Spindler

Lesson-Schedule-for-Summer-1 from DFE

Letter to parents and carers about online phonics lessons

Maths activity mat 2

Nellie Spindler timeline

Spelling presentation ee spelt y

Spellings week 3 ee spelt y

Spellings wordsearch ee spelt y

Year 1 week 3 Music and PSHE


WEEK 5  Year 1 week 5 home learning tasks

Year 1 PSHE and Music task 4

spelling wordsearch or and ore

spelling presentation or and ore

Maths activity mat 3

Lego Challenge

spellings or and ore



WEEK 1 Home learning tasks

aw and au presentation

aw and au wordsearch

English sheets 1-4

Maths activity mat 4

week 5 aw and au

Year 1 PSHE and Music task 5