Year 1

Summer Term Home Learning




WEEK 1 Home learning tasks

aw and au presentation

aw and au wordsearch

English sheets 1-4

Maths activity mat 4

week 5 aw and au

Year 1 PSHE and Music task 5


WEEK 2 Year 1 WC 8th June Home Learning Tasks

Labelling the human body

Maths Activity Mat 5

The Five Senses

Year 1 PSHE and Music task



Year 1 WC 15th June Home Learning Tasks

Year 1 Home learning task Music and PSHCE

Daily Wellbeing Activities – Week 3

Spellings Word Search

prefix un spellings

Prefix un spellings slideshow

Maths Activity Mat 6

How to draw a face


Year 1 WC 22nd June Home Learning Tasks

Year 1 PSHCE and Music task 7 WB22June

Maths activity mat

Daily Wellbeing Activities – Week 4

Bubble activities

adding s and es spellings

Adding s and es spellings word search

Adding s and es slideshow



Year 1 WC 29th June Home Learning Tasks

Sayeeda the Pirate Princess

Maths activity mat

Home Learning WB 29 June

Daily Wellbeing Activities – Week 5

compound words

Compound words Word Search

Compound words Powerpoint



Year 1 WC 6th July Home Learning Tasks

Sayeeda The Pirate Princess Resources Week 2

Music and PSHE WB 6th July

Maths activity mat

How to draw sea creatures

er and est Word Search

er and est spellings

er and est presentation

Drawing Sea Creatures

Daily Wellbeing Activities – Week 6



Year 1 WC 13th July Home Learning Tasks

Wellbeing Breathing Activities

The Snail and the Whale Resources

Music home learning task

Maths activity mat

Daily Wellbeing Activities – Week 7

contractions Word Search

Contractions spellings

contractions powerpoint