At Crowlees we want our children, above all else, to be safe and happy.  We recognise the importance of looking after and developing our mental health and provide education and support to enable children and adults to develop their wellbeing.


All children are taught throughout the curriculum and specifically in Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) and Sex and Relationships Education (SRE), about how to look after their mental and physical health and to develop positive life habits. Children are taught how to make healthy choices. Information is shared with parents.

Our trained child counsellor is available two days a week to support individual children with issues such as bereavement, family break ups and difficulties, illness and a range of mental health concerns.



School Policies


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Wellbeing policy

Behaviour Policy

Health, Safety and Welfare Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Online Safety Policy

Child Protection Policy


Resources for parents & carers during the coronavirus outbreak

This link has lots of help and advice for parents to support yourself and your child during the coronavirus pandemic: Click Here


Norrthorpe Hall (CAMHS and Chews)

Schools and families can request support from the Kirklees Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) or the Children’s Emotional Wellbeing Service (ChEWS), which are based at Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust in Mirfield. You can find out more by clicking the Northorpe Logo.


You can make a referral for a child aged 0-18 who is registered with a Kirklees GP. You can make a referral over the phone. Find out more by clicking the Thriving Kirklees logo below:



Kirklees Recovery College in Mirfield

Did you know about Kirklees Recovery College? It’s based in Mirfield and offers courses and workshops for adults on a range of mental health issues. The sessions are often run by people who have directly experienced these issues, have recovered and want to help people who are currently struggling. Click on the logo to visit their website or here to see the current course brochure. You can enrol yourself and don’t need to be undergoing any current course brochure. You can enrol yourself and don’t need to be undergoing any current treatment. They welcome carers and professionals signing up too.  treatment. They welcome carers and professionals signing up too.

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Yorkshire Children’s Centre are continuing to proactively work with CAPT (Child Accident Prevention Trust) and the Thriving Kirklees Partnership to raise awareness and reduce the risk of preventable accidents.

Fun and interactive activity packs (for Year 5 & 6 pupils) are available from the links below. These packs focus on a specific subject relating to accident prevention and reducing the risk – these packs are now readily available on both the Yorkshire Children’s Centre and Thriving Kirklees Website:



So far the packs have been designed for children aged between 9 & 11 (as this age group would have usually attended Safety Rangers) however during Child Safety Week we would like all of your families to receive some information and advice.

For some families lockdown will have caused worry/anxiety and an increased risk of accidents due to the amount of time we are all spending at home, CAPT have designed some free resources suitable for both children and their parent/carers that have been tailored around the current situation:



Parent Survival Guide from Young Minds

Worried about your child but not sure where to start. Find sensible advice and tips here. Click on the logo:


Every Mind Matters

This new site was launched in October 2019- you may have seen the adverts on television. It aims to make talking about mental health issues or concerns as normal as talking about the weather. It features a short quiz designed to test your wellbeing, and advice about what to do if you need some help. Click on the logo to go there.

NHS Moodzone

The NHS has a website that gives some sensible self-help advice for anyone who lives with with anxiety, stress or depression. There are case studies to read, activities to try and the reassurance that you’re not the only one feeling like this. Click on the logo to go there.


Local Parent Workshops

Northorpe Hall are running a number of free, informal parent workshops, which some of our families have already found very useful. Currently available are:

  • Introduction to Children & Young People’s Mental Health
  • Understanding Behaviour as Communication
  • Understanding and Supporting Anxiety
  • Positive Communication and Attachment
  • Introduction to Self-Harm
  • Maintaining Positive Emotional Well-being
  • The Teenage Brain
  • ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition) Awareness Session
  • Supporting Yourself as a Carer and Where to Find Help
  • Sensory Development and Sensory Differences Relating to Autism

Call 01924 492183 to book a workshop place or click here to check availability and book online.




Click here for the story – Pandemics-and-the-Coronavirus



Parenting during the coronavirus outbreak

This article is designed to give a few ideas and sources of further advice that might be useful.



Talking about Mental Health Children’s PPT

This is a PowerPoint that Mrs Dook used in school to help the children realise they all need to look after their mental health as well as their physical health.

Talking about Mental health parent leaflet

A leaflet that goes with the Children’s powerpoint.






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Summer 2022 Provision Mirfield

Free workshops this term

Free workshops we are running this term, including Knitting for beginners, Phonics, cooking on a budget, Creative writing and a workshop to help people gain more control over food.

Click on the links below

Creative Writing May 22 Mirfield Library

Eat Well for Less workshop and course poster

Introduction to Knitting workshop

Phonics Workshop May 2022

Weight off Your Mind Workshop poster