Safe Sun Policy

sun Aims:

  • To present information to parents and children about enjoying the sun safely.
  • To encourage children to take responsibility for their own safety based on a clear knowledge and understanding of the dangers.
  • To incorporate the knowledge of sun care in to other curriculum areas and discussion opportunities.
  • To make the children aware of areas within our school environment which provide shade.
  • To make children aware of the dangers of the sun and how to protect themselves against these when in other settings away from school, eg. Visits out and residential visits.


Sunshine makes the world a pleasant place to live and we all want to be outside enjoying sunny weather. We also must recognise that dangers from the sun can happen on cloudy days too.
The U.V. rays from the sun can be harmful, particularly to young children’s skin and eyes. The heat from the sun can also cause dehydration and sun stroke.


Always be prepared for the likelihood of the sun’s rays causing harm. To prevent this:

  • Wear suitable clothes, covering up most of the skin, particularly shoulders and neck.
  • Wear hats which cover the head and neck (these can be brought into school to wear during playtimes and during PE sessions).
  • Parents are encouraged to apply high protection sun cream, preferable no lower than SPF 25 before school. This will last all day as long as the child does not wash it off. (Sun cream must not be administered by staff.) In the event of children being on a residential visit, parents are encouraged to teach their children how to apply sun cream to themselves, children are then reminded to do this during the visit.
  • Children are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids, preferably water, which is always available in school.
  • When very hot, teachers are advised to take regular short breaks throughout the day.
  • Children are encouraged to seek shady places to sit with their friends if the sun is very bright and hot.
  • Teachers should take great care when keeping children outside for prolonged PE activities when the sun is very bright and hot. Lessons may be shortened or combined with periods in the school hall.