SEN Information Report

The kinds of Special Educational Needs that are provided for at Crowlees J & I (C) School The school provides SEN support for pupils across the 4 areas of need as laid out in the SEN Code of Practice 2014 :

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • Sensory and/or physical needs

SPECIALIST PROVISION – there is no specialist provision at Crowlees J & I School, however, we do seek advice from schools with specialist provision when required.

Information about the school’s policies for identification and assessment of pupils with SEN Pupils are identified as having SEN, and their needs assessed,  through :

  • information passed on from Nurseries or other early years settings (including child minders)/previous schools;
  • KS2 results, baseline testing and progress data;
  • feedback from teaching staff and observations;
  • Pupil Premium interventions not showing  impact;
  • Referrals  from parents
The school’s approach to teaching pupils with SEN Provision for SEN pupils includes :

  • Quality first teaching, with appropriate differentiation in place;
  • Extra adult support in classrooms where appropriate;
  • Provision maps show personalised provision through time limited programmes;
  • Provision maps also show personalised provision through adapted resources and interventions.
Evaluating the effectiveness of the provision made for pupils with SEN Impact tracking is completed at least termly and adaptations to provision made in light of these findings. Progress and evaluation is reported to the Governor with responsibility for SEN. Annual report to the Governing Body and SEN Information Report posted on Web site
Arrangements for assessing & reviewing pupils’ progress towards outcomes, including opportunities available to work with parents & pupils as part of this assessment and review These arrangements include:

  • Graduated approach –  Assess Plan Do Review;
  • Data tracking for pupil progress;
  • Support plan and ECHP reviews;
  • Observations and follow up;
  • Parents’ meetings.
How adaptations are made to the curriculum and the learning environment of pupils with SEN The curriculum /learning environment may be adapted by:

  • groupings that target specific levels of progress;
  • differentiated planning, resources and teaching styles;
  • appropriate choices of texts and topics to suit the learner;
  • access arrangements for tests and or examinations;
  • additional adult support.
Support that is available for improving the social emotional and mental health of pupils with special educational needs. Pupils are well supported by:

  • An anti-bullying policy, and positive discipline policy;
  • Programmes to support social emotional and mental health such as anger management, self esteem building etc – as and when appropriate;
  • Targeted support for individual pupils (bereavement, family issues, friendship/peer group issues);
  • Circle time – timetabled and delivered by trained member of staff;
  • School Council;
  • Pupil Voice;
  • Positive, trusting relationships built with at least one adult in school.
In relation to mainstream schools and maintained nursery schools, the name and contact details of SEN Co-ordinator and name and contact details of SEN Governor Miss Everson is the SENCO at Crowlees J & I (C) School. She can be contacted at school on:

School Telephone Number 01924 494970

The SEN Governor for the School is Mrs Corcoran.

She can be contacted at school on the school telephone number 01924 494970

Information about the expertise and training of staff in relation to children and young people with SEN, including how specialist expertise will be secured. Audit of staff expertise in SEN undertaken annually:

  • The SENCo, Miss Everson, is a qualified teacher and has over 12 years’ experience of being a SENCo.
  • Effective use of adult support for English and Mathematics.
  • Specialist expertise engaged from external services where appropriate – Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, ASD, Team Teach, Educational Psychology support, CAMHS, etc.
Information about how equipment and facilities to support children and young people with special educational needs will be secured.  Support Services will be contacted upon identification of individual child need.

  • sensory impairment service (speech therapy, hearing impairment);
  • CAMHS;
  • PPRS – Primary Pupil Referral Service;
  • ASD outreach;
  • Nursing service;
  • Psychological service;
  • ESW service;
  • KIAS – Kirklees Information Advice and Support Service (previously known as Parent Partnership);
  • Family Support Service;
  • Targeted Youth Support;
  • Charities: Candlelighters.
The arrangements for consulting parents of children with special educational needs about, and involving such parents in, the education of their child.
  • Telephone/text;
  • Email;
  • Parent view;
  • Parents’ evenings;
  • Family Liaison Officer.
The arrangements for consulting young people with special educational needs about, and involving them in, their education.  Pupil Voice

  •  School Council;
  •  Annual reviews;
  •  My Support Plan meetings.
Any arrangements made by the governing body or the proprietor relating to the treatment of complaints from parents of pupils with special educational needs concerning the provision made at the school. Click here for the Complaints Procedure
How the Governing Body involves other bodies, including health and social services bodies, local authority support services and voluntary organisations, in meeting the needs of pupils with special educational needs and in supporting the families of such pupils. The Governing Body devolves responsibility for involving appropriate bodies to the HT & SENCO.

The Governing Body receives regular reports from the HT & SENCo detailing SEN procedures & practice.

The Governor for SEN oversees practice within school.

The Governing Body use their authority to ensure the needs of all pupils are met.

Support services for parents of pupils with special educational needs Kirklees Information Advice and Support Service (KIAS)

It is a statutory service provided at “arms length” from Kirklees Local Authority (LA) and is based in Dewsbury Town Hall, Dewsbury. The service is free and totally confidential and is about parents and They offer support to young people and parents and carers of children who have already been identified as having special educational needs.

They also support any parents or carers who are concerned that their child may have special educational needs.

They work with all individuals and services involved.

Telephone : 01484 225422



The school’s arrangements for supporting pupils with special educational needs in a transfer between phases of education or in preparation for adulthood and independent living. When a child identified with SEN is due to transfer to another setting, the SENCo works with parents and teachers to ensure a smooth transition. Appropriate information is shared.
Where can I find the Local Offer? The Kirklees Local Offer can be found via this website: this is a work in progress. Kirklees Council and partners are working hard to create a Local Offer that includes links to all relevant information that Kirklees residents would find useful.

This SEN Information Report will be reviewed annually.

Last reviewed January 2018

Kirklees Local Offer

The above link relates to the Kirklees Local Offer which gives children and young people aged 0 – 25 years with special educational needs or disabilities, and their families, information about what is available in Kirklees across education, health and social care.

It covers:

  • SEN support in nurseries and schools;
  • Health and social care;
  • Choices for school leavers;
  • Support for parents and carers;
  • Income and benefits;
  • Things to do where you live.

It is more than a directory of services. It brings everything together in one place.