Parent and Friends Association

President Mrs K Woods

Chair Mrs H Street & Mrs L Walker

Vice Chair Mrs D Ashbridge

Treasurer Mrs S Mitchell

Secretary Mrs G Ashman


Next Meeting:  Tuesday 17th October 7pm @ Crowlees School


Letters & Events

PFA minutes from AGM 19th September 2017

PFA minutes from 8 November 2017

Forthcoming Events

15th November Story Night: come and listen to a story with a drink and biscuit- parents can browse the book fair!

25th November: Crowlees Christmas Fair- please help if you can –letter to follow





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give as you live

We currently have 115 people registered as Crowlees PFA Supporters and raised over £1,900 since joining the scheme in 2012. In 2015/2016 we raised £284.82 which is less than previous years. We urge all parents to sign up and start contributing to Crowlees PFA— go to, Register your email address and select Crowlees PFA as your cause and download the App which loads a “pop up” on screen.



Who Are We?
Crowlees School PFA was formed in 1993 with the specific aim of furthering the interests of children at Crowlees by promoting an atmosphere of co-operation between parents and the school.  With the support of parents we are able to raise a considerable amount of money each year.  These funds are then spent on a variety of items and/or projects identified by the school.

What do we do?
We run a number of events throughout each school year. Some are designed mainly to raise money, some are aimed at the children and some provide opportunities for the parents to socialise and get to know each other

The main fundraising event is the annual Christmas Fair which is held on the first Saturday afternoon in December. We hold two school discos for the children each year (October and February) plus a separate disco for Year 6 leavers. A fun event is normally organised for instance a Quiz Night or a Wine Tasting Evening. We run a Cake Stall at Sports Day each July. These represent our regular events, but others in the past have included a Wine Tasting Evening, a Balloon Race and Children’s Fashion Show.

“Crowlees School is a fantastic school, with very happy children. The teachers are very friendly and kind. We enjoy all the fundraising events, especially the Christmas Fair. My family loves to contribute by baking cakes and scones, and helping out in the cafe.”

Where do the funds go?
All the money you help to raise are donated directly back to the school. Every year we fund the children’s Christmas parties and buy presents and we meet the cost of the Year 6 Leavers Disco.

Other monies go towards projects or specific items identified by the school. In the previous years we have made a variety of purchases for the school, including;

  • SMART board for the school hall
  • Laptops
  • Contributed towards The Sensory Garden near Year 3
  • History Artefacts
  • Classroom Games and Computer Equipment
  • Equipment for Infants Playground
  • Football Strip and Nets Shed
  • After school club equipment

How do you join?
Every parent of a child at Crowlees School is automatically considered to be part of the PFA. Although the association is open to everyone, we particularly like to see the parents of the younger children at our meetings so that we can continue to grow and benefit the school in future years. Every year we lose members as their children leave Crowlees and move on to local secondary schools. It is extremely important to us that “new” parents get involved.

Our meetings last about an hour every 2 months or so. We are aware that everybody leads busy lives and have many demands upon their time, and for that reason, we strive to keep our meetings brief and very informal. Of course, legally we do have to have Officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and these are elected annually at our AGM in September.

Help US to Help YOUR kids! Get involved with Crowlees PFA.

Crowlees PFA became a charity on 9th February 2012 – this is great news!

It enables us to claim gift aid from tax payers on any donations made to school. We can possibly do this retrospectively for last 5 years. The association had reached the profit threshold and we were obliged to apply for the registration and were fast-tracked through our NCPTA membership.

Current Trustees are Mrs Odelle Hewitt, Mrs Heidi Smith and Mrs Kerry Widgery.