Spen Valley Swimming Gala

Posted on March 17, 2016 in News Archive

On Monday 14th March, the school swimming team took part in the Spen Valley Schools Swimming Gala and did the school proud.

Mikaela Bedford and Dominic Mathias, our year 6 children, ended their run on a high.  Dominic came 1st in the ‘Individual Front Crawl’, leaving behind all opposition.  Mikaela came 2nd beaten by her arch rival.  Thank you to both of these children for representing Crowlees for the last three years.

All our teams got through to their respective finals and swam their hardest.  We had one newcomer to the team, Louis Hammond from year 3, who will be a real asset over the next few years.

Molly Moorhouse did a super sitting dive in the ‘Individual Breaststroke’ and in the final of the ‘Freestyle Team Relay’ changed to the front crawl which gained us more points.

Poppy Sheldrake and Hamza Aziz got through to the finals in the ‘Backstroke’ and ‘Individual Breaststroke’ respectively.

Swimming Gala 2016

The behaviour of the children was impeccable and a good evening was had by all, ending with us coming 3rd overall out of 13 schools, we couldn’t have been happier.

Thank you to the year 4 children for the lovely banner they made.  It would be nice to have one for future years.