Home School Partnership

The school will ….

  • Encourage children to do their best at all times
  • Encourage children to take care of their surroundings and others around them
  • Inform parents of the children’s progress at regular meetings and send home an annual report
  • Keep you informed about school activities through regular newsletters and notices

The family will ….

  • Make sure your child arrives at school on time
  • Make sure your child attends regularly and provide a letter or telephone if they are absent for any reason
  • Attend parents evenings to discuss your child’s progress
  • Let the school know of any concerns or problems that might affect your child’s progress or behaviour
  • Support your child with homework and other learning opportunities

The child will …

  • Take good care of the equipment and building
  • Walk inside the building
  • Talk quietly
  • Be friendly, polite and care for others
  • Keep kind hands and feet
  • Be helpful

Together we will …

  • Aim to meet the needs of all children
  • Encourage the children to keep the school rules
  • Encourage the children to strive for the Values of Crowlees
  • Support the children to do their best