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Scratch – Fire tablet Easter Competition


Reduce the Risk Booklet

Normally at this time of the year your year 5 pupils would be receiving an invitation from Yorkshire Children’s Centre to attend a Safety Rangers sessions in July held at your local fire station – unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 crisis you will be aware that we are unable to run these sessions at this time.

As we are being instructed by the government to stay at home, the risk of accidents in the home has increased, therefore the key safety messages children would normally learn at Safety Rangers are more essential and important than ever!

Please click here for the  electronic booklet  to help reduce the risk. This booklet has been designed as an easy read so it is child friendly with lots of pictures and tips to help educate families on the key risks, prevent accidents in the home and keep everyone safe.

If any of your families require further support and advice with regards to home safety or accident prevention please  email or visit the website  – thrivingkirklees@yccuk.org.uk and www.yorkshirechildrenscentre.org.uk.


As we are all spending the majority of time at home, the risk of house fires has increased, therefore it is more important than ever that families are taking the right precautions.

These activity packs are fun and interactive whilst highlighting key messages and top tips to reduce the risk.

Home Fire Safety Activity Sheets


Here is a ‘Safe & Well’ information booklet for parent/carers ‘Safe & Well’ information booklet for parent/carers – We feel every family should receive the ‘Safe & Well’ booklet as it provides essential information to staying safe and preventing house fires. However the activity sheets are designed for Year 5 & 6 children you may also feel you would like to show them with younger children