Headteachers Blog – Summer 2 Week 1

Posted on June 19, 2016 in HeadTeachersBlog_Archive

Penguin 2Welcome back to school everybody…I do hope you have all had a very restful and happy holiday!


At school this week…

The Reception children have all been celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday this week by writing birthday cards and messages to her majesty. They have been imagining what she would like for her birthday…there were lots of suggestions for crowns, dresses, diamond rings and flowers. They particularly enjoyed reading ‘The Queen’s Orang-utan’ but didn’t think the real Queen would really like one for her birthday!

The reception children have also been learning to tell the time and can already recognise when it is ‘o’clock’…which Sam said was “really easy”…I think you must be ready for year 1!


The year 1 children have also been developing their learning about time. They have been investigating how long a minute really is by seeing how many tasks they can do in a minute. They times themselves to see how many times they could: write their name, hop, draw a picture, read a short book and build a tower…a minute seems to go very quickly!

The year 1 children have been looking at a story called ‘Dogger’ about a boy and his soft toy. They have been using this story to write character description and to write about different feelings. Next week they will be writing their own stories…I look forward to seeing those!


I have been super impressed with the year 2 poems I have seen this week! The children have been working really hard to write descriptive phrases and have composed their own poems called ‘The Magic Box’ and were about the very special and magical things the children would keep in their very special boxes.   All the poems were super- some of my favourite lines were “A light blue tear drop running down the little girls face” (Ella). “Buttercups as bright as the hot sun” (Zara) and “writing as messy as my room” (Zach). These poems were all beautifully written out too…well done year 2s!


The year 3 children have been investigating light and shadow. Earlier on (when the sun was shining!) they were able to go outside and see their own shadows. They began their topic by exploring what causes a shadow.

The children were also using their persuasive language to write adverts this week- I saw some excellent adverts for Crowlees School which talked about “the best school dinners ever!” and “lovely supportive teachers”…I would also add brilliant hard-working and polite pupils to that list!


The children in 4T did an excellent job this week in preparing and presenting their own assembly. They did their assembly about one of their favourite authors Anne Fine. There were children dressed up and reading and presenting…Molly was an excellent Killer Cat and Edward a very presentable Bill in a frock!

The year 4 children have also been finding out about the artist Andy Warhol and experimenting with different media to produce and image of Mickey Mouse in the pop art style.


I especially enjoyed the year 5 children’s dance lessons this week where they were using the theme of ‘nature’ to develop dance routines…and developing their yoga skills. Their imaginations and dance skills were impressive…well done year 5s!

After listening to music relating to space, the children learnt about clusters of notes and how some notes harmonise well with others. The children tried different notes out together using chime bars and bells and then played these in a class composition.


The year 6 pupils are getting all creative with their Caribbean topic. This will culminate in a final leaving assembly to show of all their skills and talents. They began by learning about the geography of the Caribbean islands. The year 6s have also been developing their dance skills and have begun to explore a range of dance styles within the carnival theme.

The children have also been exploring some amazing maths this week by investigating how to draw curves using only straight lines and experimenting with cardioids and parabolas…tricky stuff year 6!


Meanwhile …in outdoor classroom news…Mrs Neal had a prickly little visitor this week- the year 1 children got to see a real hedgehog at school and Mrs Neal told them all about what hedgehogs like to eat and how they protect themselves. It’s a good job she had some gloves!


Finally, a big thank you to the Crowlees Choir, the JAM Club and all who attended the special service at St Mary’s on Sunday in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday. The children all sang beautifully and represented the school so well…a lovely day was had by all.


Mrs Woods