Headteacher’s Blog – Autumn Weeks 5 & 6

Posted on October 13, 2016 in HeadTeacher's_Blog

This week the reception children have had another visitor! As part of their topic Jack’s mummy came in to talk to the children about what it is like being a nurse. She told them all about her job – how she helps to keep people healthy and helps to make people better. Everybody was very interested and listened really well.  Mrs WoodsThe children were quite disgusting on Wednesday! They were re-enacting the story of Kipper’s Birthday cake. This meant using some rather unusual ingredients to make a rather unusual cake! In went cornflakes, tomato sauce, baked beans and milk! Unfortunately I just missed the opportunity for a taste…what a shame!

In year 1 the children have been learning about alphabetical order- ordering words and using dictionaries to help them. They have also been practicing their number bonds to 10 and addition facts using Numicon. After all their exploratory walks around Mirfield to look at different types of houses, the children are now thinking about the differences between house now and long ago by creating time lines of house from the Tudor times to modern houses. In their PE lessons the children have been very adventurous with the gymnastics apparatus and have also practiced and performed an amazing conker dance! I am looking forward to seeing all their beautiful cushions as they are now nearly finished…great job year 1!

In year 2 the children have been measuring and estimating using centimetres and metres- trying to become more accurate with their estimates each time. They have also been writing some super sandcastle stories – writing the middle and ends and assessing each others work. This was the last week of Scottish dancing – the children learnt and performed a very difficult circle dance, which included a promenade! What a super job year 2!

The year 3 children have been writing their own legend based on ‘The Dragon Slayer’- I have been super impressed with some of the high level vocabulary being used in the scene descriptions! In science the children have been testing how hard rocks are by using the MOHS scale. The children continue to learn a range of cricket skills and have videoed each other using ‘Bloggies’ which they have then edited on the laptops. In PE the children have been learning how to vault over an object.

The year 4 children have painted their Roman mosaics – which look very effective. As part of their topic they have also been listening to songs about the Romans, and creating their own quizzes to test their knowledge.  In Computing the children have learnt how to de-bug a program on Scratch.

I have been really impressed with the beautiful stories written by the year 5 children this week. They have been writing their own alternative endings to stories based on ‘Friend or Foe’- imagining that they are the German pilot who escaped. Fantastic story writing year 5! In their science lessons the year 5 children have continued their investigations into different materials as insulators – which material would you choose to wrap a snowman in?

In their computing lessons the children have turned interior designers! They have been using Sketch-up to add detail to their houses – furniture, fire places and features as well as planning the colours in their rooms. Fantastic grand designs year 5!

Year 6s have been tackling long division this week…keep going year 6s its tricky stuff but you can do it! As part of their topic on electricity- the children have been enjoying researching about Thomas Edison and will be using this research to write a biography next week.  They have also been researching existing e-safety websites in preparation for creating their own play leader training with Mr Goodall from Pennine Sports. The Greek myth textiles are finally complete- and look amazing with a range of media used for effect- super work year 6!

Well done to all our cross country runners – who spent a very soggy afternoon at Leeds road running track competing in the Kirklees final. All competitors ran really well congratulations to Molly for winning the girls race! Thank you to Miss Wright and all the parents who came to help.

A big ‘thank you’ to all the members of the School Council who came to help serve tea and coffee at the parents evenings this week. You were all fabulous ambassadors for the school.

Mrs Woods