Crowlees Code of Conduct

Behaviour rewards and sanctions

ALL staff will be provided with pocket cards which detail the Crowlees Code of Conduct – rules and consequences.

(Teachers, support staff, office staff, lunchtime supervisors, kitchen staff, parent volunteers, students, governors, visitors to school, caretaker/cleaners, peri music teachers, and supply teachers)





Are you showing….




Always show respect for….


Manners, body language, following instructions


Manners, share, work quietly, think about others’ feelings


Walk in school, take care of things


Try your best in all lessons


Remember YOU are responsible for YOUR behaviour AND the consequences


The children are split into 4 houses Jackdaw, Magpie, Jay and Raven

Points are given for demonstrating the Crowlees Code of Conduct. Points collected on chart using colour stickers according to each house

  • Points are counted up for each house at end of each half term.
  • On the penultimate Friday of each half term (will be on calendar) total the points for each child and circle if the child would like to spend their points.
  • Teachers should then hand in their sticker charts to Mrs Shilton on the penultimate Friday of each half term. She will count up the total for each house, and make a list of all children wishing to spend their points.
  • New charts will be handed out with the children’s new totals at the beginning of the chart next to each name.
  • Start collecting points for the following half term the next week.
  • Totals will be displayed in the hall on the House Points Board
  • Treats arranged for the winning house on the last week: e.g. non-uniform day/cinema day/games afternoon/Pennine sports day?
  • In the last week of each half term – arrangements will be made to collect the children who would like to spend their points.

Additional rewards

  • Verbal praise
  • Daily stickers on jumpers
  • Postcards home
  • Golden Assembly award
  • Writer of the term award


  • C1. Verbal warning
  • C2. Name on board
  • C3. Reflection time in another class*
  • C4. Time out- rule reminder (playtime/lunchtime)
  • C5. Child writes letter home to parents, meeting with Mrs Woods *

Designated classes:

RP to 2W

RS to 2M

1J to 3F

1R to 3Y

2W to 4H

2M to 4T

3F to 1R

3Y to 1J

4H to 6K

4T to 6G

5L to 3Y

5V to 3F

6K to 2W

6G to 2M

Teachers should record on a weekly tick sheet any consequences given. This sheet should be given to Mrs Woods at the end of each half term. Any persistent low-level consequences will be picked up and managed.

Support Staff

If a child’s behaviour is not acceptable they should let the child know immediately that they will receive a consequence, and send the child to the class teacher when appropriate.

Lunchtime Supervisors

Report to Mrs Shilton if a child’s behaviour is not acceptable. Mrs Shilton will decide if consequence needs to be given and will write child’s name down and report to the class teacher at the end of lunchtime each day.

Supply Teachers

All supply teachers and visiting teachers will be made aware of the Code of Conduct and the rewards & sanctions procedures. They will be asked to follow this procedure. Teachers should leave their Consequence lists accessible so that these can be used.