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Governing body minutes 7th November 2017

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Governing Body Minutes March 2018

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1) The name of the School is Crowlees Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Junior and Infant School.

2) The school is a Voluntary Controlled School.

3) The name of the governing body is ‘The Governing Body of Crowlees Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Junior and Infant School’.

4) The governing body shall consist of :- (a) 1 Head Teacher: Mrs K Woods (b) 1 Staff Governor: Miss N Morgan (c) 1 LA Governor: Vacancy (d) 2 Parent Governors: Dr S Watts and Mr J Breeze (e) 2 Foundation Governors (referred to in paragraphs 6 or 7 below): Rev H Baker, Mr C Wilding (f) 8 Co-opted Governors: Mr S King, Mr J Hudson, Rev H Bulter (Chair), Mrs R Corcoran, Mr N McKeown, Mrs M Shilton, Mr P Byrne and Mr M Lord.

5) Total number of governors is 15.

6) 1 Foundation Governor appointed by the Leeds Diocesan Board of Education after consultation with the Parochial Church Council for the Parish of St Mary the Virgin, Mirfield.

7) a. The holder of the following office shall be a Foundation Governor ex-officio: The Vicar of St Mary the Virgin, Mirfield. b. The Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry within which the School is situated shall appoint a Foundation Governor to act in the place of the ex-officio Foundation Governor whose governorship derives from the office named in (a) above, in the event that the ex-officio Foundation Governor is unable or unwilling to act as a Foundation Governor, or there is a vacancy in the office by virtue of which his governorship ends.

8) The Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry in which the School is situated shall be entitled to request the removal of any ex-officio Foundation Governor and to appoint any substitute governor.

9) Ethos statement for the School Recognising its historic foundation, the School will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level. The School aims to serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers to all its pupils.

10) That the School has a trust deed.

11) This instrument of government comes into effect on 1 September 2014.

12) This instrument was made by The Kirklees Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Schools (Instrument of Government) No 12 Order 2014. 13) A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and the head teacher, if not a governor).



 Name  Type  Current Term Ends
 Rev H Baker Foundation  Ex-Officio
 Mr C Wilding Foundation 26-03-2019
 Mr D Smith Parent 07-11-2019
 Mrs K Woods Head Teacher  HT
  Mr N McKeown Co-opted 19-05-2019
Rev H Butler Co-opted 17-07-2020
 Mr M Lord Co-opted 22-11-2019
 Mr P Byrne Co-opted 02-12-2019
 Mrs M Shilton Co-opted/staff 31-08-2018
 Mr J Hudson Co-opted 31-08-2018
 Mrs R Corcoran Co-opted/Staff 09-10-2018
 Mrs F Goldthorpe Staff 01-01- 2024
 Mr A Walker co-opted 01-01- 2024



Name Committee membership Position of responsibility
Rev H Baker Teacher Appraisal Vicar of St Mary’s Church/EYES
Mr C Wilding Teacher Appraisals/Head Teacher Performance Management/Staff dismissals/Curriculum & Monitoring/
Mr Dan Smith Pastoral/ Staff Dismissal  Well Being
 Mr A Walker  Staffing Appointments/ Head Teacher’s Performance Management  SEND
Mrs K Woods Staffing/Finance/Curriculum & Monitoring/Teacher Appraisal/Pastoral Committee Head teacher
Mr N McKeown Dismissal Appeals/Pupil Discipline/Curriculum & Monitoring/Teacher Appraisal/Head Teacher’s Performance Management
Rev H Butler Staff Dismissal/Pupil Discipline/Curriculum & Monitoring/ Head Teacher’s Performance Management/Complaints Parish Priest; Chair of Governors.
Mr M Lord Finance/Pupil Discipline/Pastoral Governor for Vulnerable Children (Looked after children/ Child Protection/safeguarding/pupil premium)
Mr P Byrne Pupil discipline/Complaints/Dismissal Appeals/Curriculum & Monitoring/Teacher Appraisal
Mrs M Shilton Pastoral Health & Safety Governor
Mr J Hudson Finance/ Dismissal Appeals/Complaints Finance
Mrs R Corcoran Staffing/Finance/Curriculum & Monitoring/Pastoral Safeguarding/LAC/Child protection/vulnerable children and PP



Name  Interests declared at AGM
 Rev H Baker  Vicar of St Mary’s Church Mirfield
 Mr C Wilding  NIL
 Mrs R Wrathmell  NIL
 Mr D Smith  NIL
 Mrs J Taylor  NIL
Mrs K Woods Head Teacher at Crowlees
  Mr N McKeown   NIL
Rev H Butler Consultant for ‘Collaboratives’ School Improvement;
  Parish Priest
 Mr M Lord  NIL
 Mr P Byrne NIL
 Mrs M Shilton Teaching Assistant at Crowlees
 Mr J Hudson  NIL
 Mrs R Corcoran Deputy head teacher at Crowlees
 Mr A Walker  Teacher
 Mrs F Goldthorpe LA